Collaborative Robots

What is a cobot?

A cobot is a collaborative robot, which means that collaborative robots and real world people combine. Unlike a typical robot which works independently, cobots are robots which require a human operator or collaboration with an operator. In the case of cobots, there is no need to replace the human with the machine; normally in all types of manufacturing or automation industries we see that robots are replacing human beings. However, these robots are not going to replace any humans and will be a complementary aid to the human by performing certain task. Some tasks are difficult or impossible for humans to perform for various reasons, those tasks which cannot be carried out by will be done with the help of a cobot.

In the workplace, the human and robot are going to collaborate optimally which means that there is no need for any supervision of the area and no need for quality fencing. This is one of the biggest difference between a robots and cobots: standard robots replace a human whereas the cobot is going to collaborate with the human. In typical cases of robots, they require a lot of fencing and separations. With cobots, there is no need for such a thing- which an advantage.

For one example of a case study on collaborative robots, we will focus on a case where there was a cosmetics company and they decided to use eight robots that would automate the picking and packing. When packaging and manufacturing products, there is a need to be efficient and the type of task work that needs to be performed had certain negatives from an ergonomic standpoint. Repetition, doing the same task over and over, was difficult for human operators and caused strain and fatigue. The company decided to automate in a cost-effective manner; they automated a large operation using collaborative robots.

This was an instance where they managed to build a robotic system that was mobile enough to meet their needs while still being cost-efficient by using robots. The cosmetic company was projected to save half $1,000,000 annually going forward due to this automation so it has been exceptionally good financially. There were other benefits for the company as well as now that the robots are working, they can increase the production shifts from one shift to three shifts. With production running five days a week, they were able to reduce the number of employees. This proved to be a successful solution.


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