Robot Simulation & Programming

3D robot simulation is PC based tool that used to build a virtual representation of a robot system and to develop robot programs. Explore your options to use our engineering expertise to create robot simulations and process path for your robot system.

Our Services:

Our team is working with the OEMs robot simulation packages including ABB RobotStudio, Motoman MotoSim and Fanuc RoboGuide. Our skilled engineers can help you with:

  • Development of 3D robot simulation to evaluate cell layout (reachability and collision), tooling and cycle time during concept and engineering phase to prevent costly design mistakes
  • Offline programming and online implementation of process programs for new parts with minimum interruption of your production
  • Conduct feasibility studies to determine options for increased throughput in your existing robot cell
  • Advanced robot application software development
  • Conversion of robot programs between robot platforms   

How to use robot simulation

The basic of a robot simulation is to build a layout of a robot cell that includes 3D CAD models of all mechanical components such as robot, tools, parts, conveyors etc. What makes robotn you configure the robot, Tool-Center-Point TCP and animate moving parts in the system after which the robot simulation can be used to develop path programs. As long as the robot simulation is calibrated to the physical robot system, the path should drop into the robot with minimum touchup.