EyeT+ creates a simple way to utilize vision with your robotic equipment by providing three solutions: bin pick, pick and place, and inspection.

Innovation Tech has partnered with EyeT+ to provide vision solutions for robots. With Innovation Tech system integration expertise and local support in the USA.

Caldan Conveyor A/S


EyeT+Pick is random bin-picking.

This technology enables every robot manipulator to pick objects randomly placed inside one or more containers. Discover our solutions for integrators and end-users.


EYET+Flex Random Depalletizing

EyeT+Flex is the 3D vision system for automatically guiding robot manipulators to pick and place boxes, envelopes and objects in general.

The solution is studied to remove the problem of programming palletization and de-pallettization tasks, everything is completely automated.



EyeT+Inspect is the 3D vision system to inspect every single unit coming out from your production line.

The software tools available make the inspection setup task easy to your operator.
It can be installed even in harsh and dusty environments like foundries.